Wendy’s Trolled Someone So Hard He Deleted His Twitter Account

The web is brimming with possesses, people flag boosting the one-ups of others, a constant volley of claims on top of claims. No place is the owning harder than on Twitter, which has basically changed into a stage of debilitated possesses. The default method of Twitter is roosted before the sparkling screen, holding up to possess violently and rapidly. It’s awesome.

Indeed, even corporate brands are getting in on the amusement. In particular, the Wendy’s Twitter account. They simply possessed a Twitter troll so terrible he was left with no option than to deactivate his account.

Last week, the Wendy’s Twitter account posted this tweet about their beef:


After than somebody with a twitter user name @NHride decided to roll into


Being owned by Wendy’s is apparently tough on a Twitter account:


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