This Is The World’s Most Expensive Chips


Doesn’t a first class beer – like India pale ale beer – deserve a world class salty snack to compliment it?

Of course, it does

A Swedish brewery, St Erik just realized 100 batches of the world most expensive potato chips, with a lavish affair of some exotic ingredients. A pack/box of five chips made by hands by the chef of the Swedish National Culinary Team is unlike anything you’ve crammed in your mouth hole before.


Matsutake and Truffle Seaweed are some of the most exclusive ingredients used to make the world most expensive chips. With all these entire exceptional ingredients now you might have understood why St Erik chips will lead to burn a hole in your pocket.


Ps:- Sold in a pack of five, per chip, will cost you $11 (Rs 7,48).

So would you like to buy St Erik’s exclusive box of chips.

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