Being a bon vivant, my favorite place in Delhi is none other than Chandni Chowk, the place
where cuisine savor is inevitable. No matter, what your tongue relishes, vegetarian or non-vegetarian,
you will find a variety of restaurants serving toothsome. But only problem you may
face is your limited size stomach. Food list and restaurants are endless.

Let us first start with ‘Parantha-Wali Gali

Even a blind person could identify this place, it was so aromatic. I inspected each and every
shop, and menu list. Dumbfounded to decide, I took more than fifteen minutes to place an order.
Menu list says, Aaloo Parantha, Dal Parantha, Methi Parantha, Gobhi Parantha, Mooli Parantha,
Matar Parantha, Papad Parantha, Parat Parantha, Gajar Parantha, Mix Parantha, Paneer Parantha,
Paudina Parantha, Neembu Parantha, Rol Parantha, Mirchi Parantha, Mewa Parantha, Kaju
Parantha, Kashmiri Parantha, Badam Parantha, Rabdi Parantha, Kela Parantha, Karela Parantha,
Bhindi Parantha, Tamatar Parantha. I can understand your astonishment too. To compensate for
all, I ordered a Mix Parantha. To my amazement, I could not order another one. My tummy was
full. It was luscious. I had my breakfast, but it was not complete without a glass of Lassi (butter
milk), my all-time favorite drink. I found a famous Lassi shop which again offered six different
flavors, Malai Lassi, Mango Lassi, Rose Badaam Lassi, Namkeen Lassi, Banana Lassi, Kesar
Badaam Lassi.


Parathe Wali Gali, Chandini Chowk
Thereafter, I went to Red fort. I took four hours approximately to come out. My day was not yet
over in Old Delhi. There was a lot to come my way, monuments, Temples, Mosque, Church and
food yet again and again. By afternoon, I was hungry lion again. This time I wanted to try Non-vegetarian
food. I took out my smart phone from my pocket and searched for any non-vegetarian
restaurant in Chandini Chowk. I was naïve to put such a crazy query on KhauGaliDeals. My smart
phone’s screen immediately flashed number of restaurants. I hired a cycle rickshaw and got
there. When I landed, I could not find any seat vacant at any restaurant. After waiting for at least
forty five minutes, finally with due courtesy to a waiter, I could manage to get a vacant seat.
When I asked for the menu list, waiter grinned and passed me a fine booklet. It says Tandoori
Murgh, Tandoori Raan, Tandoori Fish, Tandoori Burra, Murgh Afghani, Tandoori Bakra, Akbari
Murgh Masala, Shahi Murgh Dopiaza, Lazeez Murgh Saag, Makhani Murgh-e-Jahangiri, Shah
Jahani Murgh, Jahangiri Qorma, Badshahi Badam Pasanda, Firdausi Qorma, Dil Bahaar
Dopiaza, Nargisi Kofta, Nayaab Magz Masala, Mahi-e-aab, Gurda Kaleja, Subzi Lehmee,
Tukhm-e-Murgh Masala, and Butter Chicken.


Never on earth, have I seen such a place where a gourmand could find his heaven here on globe
itself. Walls were full of famous patrons’ pictures. My order was placed, very soon I was served
with Tandoori Bakra on my table with a variety of sweets and deserts. I relished each and every
bite. I can still feel that aura of zest while writing this. It was distinctively divine. Again Lunch
was not over without Kulfi. I found one old shop and a hundred rupees note was worth for it to
lick. While walking on streets in Chandni Chowk, you are always hungry, no matter if you had
just relished best food. Same happened with me, I encountered a Bhalle Wala. It served best
Dahi Bhalla in the country with sprinkles of Chaat Masala. I ordered one for eighty rupees and I
did not regret at all.



When you pay a visit to Chandini Chowk, one must not miss Old Famous Jalebi Wala with Desi
ghee as their signature. I could not pass by without tasting one. After then, with full tummy, I
walked to Gali Qasim Jan to Ghalib ki Haweli (Mirza Ghalib’s home), a great Urdu Poet. My
whole day passed visiting Monumnents and buildings with historical importance. While at
evening, I was a bit hungry again. I needed some refreshment. I saw people enjoying Rabdi-
Falooda at distance. I quickly walked towards. It was famous Giani’s. What not you get there at
Giani’s, from Ice cream to Ice cream shakes to Rabdi Falooda. I ordered one Falooda and
started walking yet again.



While passing again nearby Paranthe wali Gali I spotted one famous Kachori wala. There were many people gathered enjoying the taste. At Chandni Chowk, one can get tired of tasting food items. There was a lot more for me to discover at this heaven on earth. I overheard a conversation of two men passing by talking about Ashok Meat Dhaba. Now there was no other place I would have gone other than Ashok Meat Dhaba. Till morning, I have been only eating. Half of this place is only food. There at restaurant was one Italian man eating Desi Ghee Meat. He shouted in excitement “Delicioso”. I laughed loudly and ordered the same meat he was eating and sat next to him. Thereafter, I did some shopping and was enjoying tasty belch of meat. Till then, it was dinner time. I quickly walked towards Kake Di Hatti, famous for their stuffed naans. Food menu was again endless. It was yet again very much difficult to decide what to eat and what to leave.


After having dinner, I left for Metro Station. On an average, whole day I did nothing but gratified
my appetite and tongue. I give ten on ten marking to this place to enjoy satiety. This place has
something or the other for every different taste. There must be a lot more palatable which one
cannot explore in just one day. Chandini Chowk is itself a different world with ambience of
culture, history, commerce and food. It is a must-taste place.

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