KhauGali Deals Top 15 Picks For Best Restaurant 2016 In Delhi

2016 has given us all. From some awe-inspiring movies like Pink and Parched, which had shown the women in a completely different light to the gigantic political turmoil, with Donald Trump victory (to be honest, I still can’t believe in it) and demonetization of Indian rupees. Whereas the year also gave us some serious marriage goals when Pretty Zinta and many others B-Town celebrities decided to tie knot with their beloved. Also, it was the year when people just lost their cool when Toblerone changes it’s iconic shape.

Well, we know you had it enough with 2016, so to make your life a little easy in 2017, Khaugali Deals bring a custom made list for best 2016 restaurant in New Delhi.

 Lord Of The Rings Meadow, Hauz Khas


After winning hearts of many in Connaught place, our most loved Lord Of the rings has opened in hauz khas, of late. The place is massive with both indoor and outdoor sitting. Ideal for an easygoing unwinding feast or for a date. Since it’s situated near deer park, you will be generously associated with nature. Try not to be shocked in case you’re spotted by some deers who peer at you. And their menu is certain to astound and invite your sense of taste

Altogether, this place has earned every point and you need to go here to trust it!

Molecule Air Bar, Gurgaon


Stand pleased in the midst of numerous resto bars of this type. Molecule Air bar is a combination of  food joint with a theme of chemistry lab. This place is gigantic, its spreads over 2 floors. Interiors  are perfect and the place is decorated with tapestries. Molecule is pleasantly lit and has an enthusiastic vibe to it.

Famous for its molecular drinks and dishes furthermore it has as of late propelled its extraordinary winter menu which has a ton to offer. The hard work they put in their arrangements is unmistakably astounding when the dish arrives.

Circus, Cyber Hub

With its quirky and spunky ambiance, CIRCUS beholds the Indian spirit in its endeavor. Though it may be difficult for the restaurant to accommodate acrobat or flaming hoops but the eatery has left no stone unturned to give you the fervor.  Circus continues to bring the Indian street food staple with a twist for its second restaurant and bar in DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon.

Enjoy digging into your plate of vegetarian and non-vegetarian spicy and irresistible dishes. The best dishes of the restaurant include Mutton Ghee Roast, Yellow Dal with Laccha Parantha, Butter Chicken Pizza, Crispy Lamb, Kur Kura Paneer Tikka and many others after taste dishes. Head to the Circus for some cock-a-hoop with striking interiors and tangy dishes.


Mom’s Buoi, Gtb Nagar


Another entry in the bistro of Hudson Lane, Mom’s Buoi has turned into an astounding buzz with awesome patio and interiors. As you enter the cafe  you will be delighted to see a wonderfully lit tree with lights that look awesome amid the night. It has a woodsy vibe to it.

More or less the place here to savor with any age group sitting and relish awesome time with friends and family. You will be totally infatuated with food , hospitality and terrace. what else you need.

Zabardast Indian Kitchen, CP


Once in awhile we all need is a wholesome North Indian feast to fulfill our taste buds and soul and Zabardast gives you simply that. It’s certainly one of the best fine eat in the center CP. Other than a rich space and seating, they have likewise got a live kitchen where the chef set up some delectable tawa delights directly before you. The place has pleasantly done and played profound Indian music.

Zabardast is an attempt to return to the tremendously refreshing age old delicacies of Northern India which have lost their actual embodiment in today’s bistro culture.

Prankster, Gurgaon


Lingering endlessly in college canteen, playing tricks and, bunking classes to watch the most recent films, in a nutshell, describe our college life. Prankster, Gurgaon is one such place which will take you back to those days when life was fun and free. They have a segment which will help you to remember your Science lab – finish with petri dishes, jars, jugs and individual wash bowls on every table, a library having huge amounts of books and dictionaries, with a study lamp on every table, a classroom with an amphitheater and a parking garage with a Chinese van offering solely the Chinese delights where you can sit on vehicle-cum seating seats and tables. The place has it all.

Prankster is the hyper lively place where anybody can have a fabulous time.

The Tourist, Janpath


The Traveler is located in Janpath. It has astounding vibe as you enter this place, Live kitchen and incredibly embellished bar. Interiors of “The Tourist” has a class and gives delightful experience. The menu is curated with every single mainstream dish over the world and is imprinted in a Visa Copy that looks new and changed. Every eating space has their private bar and Tourist likewise has a Private Eating Space that can accommodate with solace. The place will give you best sustenance encounter from starters to its sumptuous desserts from around the world.

It is one of the best place in the vicinity. It has been spread over two stories and a porch. Ideal place for relaxed winter nights.

Masala Library, Janpath


Masala Library has surely added a truly high notoriety to keep up with others in the vicinity of Janpath. Serving ‘Cutting edge Indian’ cooking with each dish served in a one of a kind excellent way, the food here unquestionably wins your heart over with flawless taste, flavours and presentation.

The insides are basic yet rich with light tone hues utilised over the place to give an extravagant vibe to it’s customers.

38 Barracks


38 Barracks is a live room showcasing world music, which will make you fall for the place.  38 Barracks is the place to come in with loved ones. The ground floor is where one can arrange Private Parties. The place is outfitted with extraordinary music system, laser lights, all around supplied bar and DJ Support. It serves world cooking like falafel, enchiladas, pasta, pizzas, and so on.  Uproarious Music, rounds of tequilas and test tube shots and a menu which abandons you spoilt for decision.

Imly, Rajouri Garden


Imly will brighten you up with its wacky designs and incredible lightings. A melange of different cuisines and quirky insides. They have left barely anything to turn out badly. The place is heaven for vegetarians.

They have different street food staple and you will fall in love with each one of them.

Chabar, CP


What can be best to have a bistro amidst books. Yes, it is inside oxford book shop.  When you enter this place you can’t resist the opportunity to grin at the variety of books orchestrated by the aide and the lovely sitting spot.

If you are a Bibliophile, do take a walk inside the book store. You will be awe-inspired by the collection, and will definitely pick 1 or 2 for winter reading.

The flying Saucer, Nehru Place


Flying Saucer is situated at the Epicuria food mall, Nehru Place. The place is known for Sufi Evenings and is a fusion of food and music. The insides are finished with a touch of class. Flying Saucer serves Mediterranean, Italian, Mainland cooking styles. The bar menu is loaded with the absolute most fascinating beverages and the hookahs have probably the most lovely flavor choices. Flying Saucer bistro is enlivened by the European culture and the insides are done in Old European feel.

Boom Box Cafe Reloaded


There is a reason to celebrate life for those who want to. And, when there is a celebration it cannot be completed without delicious food. It is for occasions like these Boombox cafe are known for. If you have a flavor for Chinese and North Indian cuisine you will love the place. The ambience of the place is peppy. The place is loud and fun.

It is an amazing place to find well known dishes.

Banta Bar, Janpath


Situated in the busy lanes of Janpath the place is decorated with bunta bottles which will give you the quirky vibe. A tremendous hall with kitsch and interiors are inspired by Indian artworks. Theme is exceptionally desi as is the entire style as is the dishes . Menu has all the acclaimed Indian street food staple like bhelpoori , jhall moori, samosas , dabelis , kadhi chawal and customary indo Chinese.Their cocktails will steal my heart.

With a name as catchy as this, you ought to pay a visit.

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