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For all the carvers of healthy food the city of New Delhi has something amazing to offer and that is a newly open completely healthy food outlet called “Mr.Sub”. The place is really nice for all sorts of healthy breads and subs to completely balance your diet. Mr.Sub can be easily trusted as they are serving since 1968 and have many outlets all over the world and now it is in your city, New Delhi to make the nourishing and healthy food available for you right next door.

Mr. SubPeople all over the world these days are getting very health conscious, while roaming on the streets, doing shopping or just while going to office they prefer healthy food and that’s what Mr.Sub makes it accessible. Mr. Sub has opened its outlet in SDA , it’s at the first floor and the moment you the enter the restaurant the amazing fragrance of sauces and freshly baked breads increases your craving of healthy food hundred times more.

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The menu of MR.Sub is very well maintained and written considering the choices for the majority of the people. They have choices for breads in which you would like your Sub to get served ranges from Italian, whole wheat, 5grain and many others as well. They also provide you a list of sauces to be preferred in your sub, for instance some of the special sauces include the BBQ sauce or Herb Vinaigrette dressing. In sub the range is very economical and very wholesome and nourishing. Range starts from some regular and normal subs from veggie and Seekh Kabab, then it moves to little spicy flavour like Tandoori, Spicy Paneer, Mexican patty and lastly it gets to their premium range which is equally delicious and mouth watering that is Curried Shredded Soya, rich in protein and super healthy for a healthy breakfast , lunch or dinner.

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Mr.Sub is the best example of the fact that healthy food can be delicious as well, in fact the moment food is being served in this restaurant it looks beautiful and anyone would just like to eat it as faster as they can. The packaging of the food is nice as well.  When one see the clean restaurant that makes you have the food love even more and cleanliness is something which is best taken care off in Mr.Sub , entire staff is wearing gloves and caps for the clean environment and so that you get the best food. The decor and ambience of the restaurant is also very nice there are paintings on the wall and few huge posters; the sitting is upstairs so that you can easily enjoy nutritious food with your friends and family. Mr.sub is getting popular in the city; one can easily find the reviews and ratings by the people who have already visited online on the portals like Zomato and

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Thus for all the lovers of the healthy and nutritious food Mr.Sub is the appropriate place for your kind of Sub.

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