Drop Into Trivani Art Gallery, for A Cup Of Tea, Snacks And Some Art


Situated at the heart of Mandi House, beautifully designed Triveni Kala Sangam is the Tea Terrace, which is looked for it’s three credential points. First, Trivani is decorated with ceramic – pot plants along with an amphitheatre, then the airy seating perfect for winter sunny days; food that is made with love, make this place as a god of small and beautiful things in the capital.


The place for decades owns by radicals, artists, writers and thinkers.  The signboard sums it up: ‘staff, students, artists and art lovers only. Outsiders not permitted’.


The food remains honest and wholesome, and the low prices have been kept. The parathas(flaky flat bread) are legendary along with excellent kebabs, omelettes, sandwiches, cakes and delicious hot chai.


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