Comes With The Best Restaurant Deals To Eat-Out

Ever found yourself getting worried at the increased head count for a dinner treat by you to friends? Has ever the thought of food bills in a date night making a big hole in your pocket? Then probably you need discounts in your food bills. So, you can eat what you want and pay what you can. God has granted you this small wish with the introduction of KhauGaliDeals

It is your one place destination to get offer and discounts at your favourite local food outlet.

Restaurant deals

Bars, lounges, cafes, ice-cream parlour and what not, name it and we have a deal for you. Register with us, pay a small amount and get best restaurant deals, offers and discounts in your total food bills. The coupons, valid for one month from the date of issue, can be used if one’s bill excludes the minimum amount fixed by the restaurant. Both SMS and e-mail or a print-out can act as a coupon. So you don’t have to go anywhere to get the coupon, you get it delivered to the device of your own choice.

The process is quite simple. Go online, visit the website, and choose your locality along with the food counter type (such as restaurant or ice-cream parlour) and register. As you Pay as less as Rs 8, you get a discount of minimum 30% in your next visit to the place.

The website currently features only the top and famous places such as Mamma Mia, Y not Chinese, Pocket Bar, Kazuza Cafe, Cuppa Cafe, Chocohub and so on. But new as well as old businesses, that are confident about the food and cuisine offered along with the customer base, can also visit Khaugalideals to get a chance to be featured.

So why waiting, when you could be out eating and enjoying without pondering over the monthly expenses.

Go online now and Bon Apetit!!!

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