9 Different Types Of Mouth Watering Dhoklas That Must Get To Your “To-Eat” List

Dhokla is a beloved snack of the Gujarati origin. The primary ingredients used in making it are rice and chickpeas (chana dal).  Chickpeas and rice are fermented together to make into a batter. And then the batter is steamed on a platter. It is often served with a variety of ingredients, like tomato sauce, garlic paste, chutney made from coriander, curd or just plain chillies.

Even though Dhokla is primarily a Gujarati dish, and is eaten by Gujaratis for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as well as a snack, it is now consumed all over the country, sometimes in different forms and flavours. Dhokla now has become so popular that most eatries and restaurants have some form of it in their menu.

Now, Dhoklas come in many shapes and sizes. Different regions of Gujarat have their own, unique way of cooking this sumptuous snack. Different ingredients, different colourings are used, and so becomes this treat a snack that’s a hundred ways more unique and delicious than perhaps any other food of the same origin. The same can be said for its popularity too.

Here are some of the popular types of Dhokla that you can find in most parts of the country.

Rava Dhokla


As the name itself suggests this type of Dhokla is made of rava or sooji as it is called in the colloquial languages. Generally served with green chutney, Rava Dhokla is like idli in its texture, and is also white in colour.

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is just another form of Dhokla when it is confused with its Gujarati counterpart Khaman, which is very similar to Dhokla except that it is softer and light yellow in colour while Dhokla is white or pale yellow. Khaman Dhokla is prepared using fermented besan, or gram flour with yogurt.

Khatta Dhokla


This kind of Dhokla is made extra sour, that’s why the name ‘khatta’, by preparing it with sour curds. They are usually served into diamond shapes, and with green chutney.

Sandwich Dokhla


These Dhoklas are made by making two separate batters into two bowls, one with besan and one with rice. Firstly the besan, or the rice dhoklas are steamed and then the other batter is spread over the steamed ones and steamed again. When finished, the dhokla looks like a sandwich since both upper and lower crust of it are of a different colour.

Cheese Dhokla


Well you might have guessed already. This is a new take on the classic Dhokla. Add cheese to either the batter or the finished product, both ways work fabulously.

Mixed Dal Dhokla


Different kinds of pulses or dals, like channa, urad and moong are mixed together and made into a batter to make this Dhokla.

Idada Dhokla


Idada is a kind of Dhola which is prepared using rice and urad dal, but here, instead of the dal, rice is the main ingredient and is added almost double the amount of the urad dal into the batter. For the same reason, it is white in colour.

Toor Dal Dhokla


Toor Dal Dhokla is said to be healthier than the classic Dhoklas made of other pulses. It is green in colour as it is prepared using Toor Dal, instead of the common chickpeas.

Rasiya Dhokla


This Dhokla is perhaps the most unique in this list, since it involves the dhokla being submerged in curd. The curd gives an altogether different twist to the classic flavour and makes for a delicious snack.

Here we go. Make sure to leave a comment if we missed one of your favourite types of  Dhoklas out!

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