5 Most Common Myths About Beer

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

–Benjamin Franklin

We all are aware of the bad reputation of beer. One of the foremost reason for such bad name is because of the myths and urban legends that are passed from generation to generation and unfairly distort the facts and confuse beer drinkers.

For the love of the drink, here are beer myths that need to be busted.

 Beer = Beer Belly


According to a popular myth, if you drink beer, you will have the beer belly. Beer contains calories, so do chocolate cookies or, pizza. Consuming any items which contain calories will lead to increase in weight, and beer is no exception. But  there is nothing called “Beer Belly”, it is not responsible for a protruding stomach.

Wine Is Healthier Option Than Beer


Most of us have considered wine as a better alcohol than beer. Since wine contains antioxidants which are good for health, but according to a new study, beer also has similar quantity of antioxidants and along with that minerals and proteins.

So if you in past switched from beer to wine, this is the time you have to again think about your decision.

Dark Beers Are stronger In Alcohol


Generally, beer is judged on the basis of its colour, darker the colour stronger the beer. Which is false. For example, Guinness, most popular dark beer has an alcohol volume of 4.2%.

Taste of beer is always Bitter


There are beers which are fruity in taste, though I agree some of the beers are bitter but not all of them, beers do have some different sweet flavours.

The Best Beer Have Green Bottles


Due to the shortage of brown glasses ( which were apparently best color to protect beer from light), during last century in Europe, many breweries switched to green color instead. Green color does not represent best beers but it does represent imported beer.


Beer kills Brain Cells


Another myth that circulates is beer kills brain cells and we are happy to explode this for you. According to some Australian study, there is no relationship between beer and brain cells.

Beer tastes best when cold


It is an accepted fact that drinking beer cold is the only way to enjoy it. However, the best temperature to have a beer depends on the style. Though few may taste heavenly when cold, others might be tastier when warm.

So, enjoy your beer the way you like it and don’t listen to the naysayers. Click here if you are looking for some amazing bar deals.






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