Best Places For Ladies Night In Connaught Place

All the ladies out there it’s time to pamper yourself with free drinks, groovy music  and perfect ambience that will lift up your spirit because your drinks is on house. Yes you heard it right, it’s that time of the week, where you want to party with your girlfriends, like it’s end of the world. Because it’s Ladies Night.



Nan Khatai On The Street Of Delhi


Nan Khatai is the Indian version of Shortbread cookies. The name is derived from the Persian word for bread, ‘Naan’ and the Afghan word for biscuits ‘khatai’. Believed to have originated in Surat in the 16th century, today Nan Khatai is available at almost every Delhi stop, and is popular not only across India but across Pakistan, Afghanistan and North East Iran. These biscuits are easily available at the streets of Delhi, courtesy the hundreds of street vendors who still bake and sell it to earn their livelihood. (more…)


The Gujarati Thaali: Ahmedabad’s Staple Food


Authentic Gujarati food is less likely to be found outside of Gujarat since most dishes often become appropriated in the different cultures and hence lose their original touch or flavour. So the best place to have Gujarati food is Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad, and best occasion is anytime. While talking about Gujarati food, we cannot possibly be so ignorant as to miss the staple food of Gujarat, which is famous all over the country for its amalgamation of many flavours and richness of nutrients; The Gujarati Thaali. (more…)


Legendary Outlets In Ahmedabad

Legends are not born, but made and furnished and finally celebrated.

And so it is with places that become part of a cultural imagination. Each culture has its own food, and in many cases the food becomes the defining factor of the culture. From Indian, to Mexican and Italian, some cultures are so enmeshed in their cuisine that it becomes difficult for the outsider’s eye to separate the two. And there is nothing we can achieve by doing that. (more…)


9 Different Types Of Mouth Watering Dhoklas That Must Get To Your “To-Eat” List

Dhokla is a beloved snack of the Gujarati origin. The primary ingredients used in making it are rice and chickpeas (chana dal).  Chickpeas and rice are fermented together to make into a batter. And then the batter is steamed on a platter. It is often served with a variety of ingredients, like tomato sauce, garlic paste, chutney made from coriander, curd or just plain chillies. (more…)


Experience The Finest Italian Food In Ahmedabad

Italy perhaps would be the place I or anyone from my generation really would be pumped up to visit, for the sole reason of it being the goldmine for any food lover. Italy has given us one of the greatest inventions of the food industry, the staple food of the students who live away from home, the generation defining, friendships breaking dish that people even get married to. I am talking about none other than our beloved Pizza. We have a lot to thank the Italians for, you guys. (more…)


10 Iconic Bollywood Restaurants And Cafes From Your Favorite Films You Can Actually Visit

We all love movies and it’s a dream for most of us to visit the sets of the films. Also, while watching a  particular film, we develop some affection for the restaurants the actors eat in. What if I tell you that you can visit some of these restaurants and cafes as well as eat there? Take a look at the following restaurants. (more…)


Delhi’s Parsi Connection: Best Parsi Food in Delhi

The Parsi community of Delhi is not as widespread and as well known as it is in the other parts of the country. But even though, they are here, well and fine. The Parsi community is said to have come to Delhi as early as 1869, according to an inscription in an Old Parsi cemetery. Currently over 700 Parsis live in the NCR region alone. The numbers are not much, in light of the overall population of Delhi, yet the community is famous for coming together for the needs of its members and for celebrating the major festivals of the Zoroastrian culture.

Parsi culture might be slightly out of reach for Delhites even today, but Parsi food clearly is not. (more…)


Cafes To Have Best Tea In Ahmedabad

In the summer of 2014, the economic times published an article regarding the sudden upsurge of tea lounges or tea cafes in the cities of Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad. The new entrepreneurs, most of whom were recent graduates, believed that if coffee could find its market in India as a sole venture, so could the beloved tea which is the staple drink of millions of Indians. The entrepreneurs also believed that the lifestyle of people living in these cities was changing and so the lack of better hangout places was becoming apparent. The cost of tea was also rapidly increasing, giving fuel to the fire that they had in their minds; mainly to their belief that the way people were consuming their tea was changing too. People were willing to move over the traditional chai wallahs, especially the students who hoped for better and cost effective hangout places in their cities. And so began a new affair, over tea to be sure. (more…)